Start Up Farms International LLC (SUFI) provides early-stage venture capital, physical and back-office infrastructure, professional guidance and mentoring to Start-up companies developing software solutions and web services.


We place a high priority on:

  • New, market-altering solutions to well-articulated problems.
  • New or niche markets with demonstrable growth trajectories, especially markets that may be shaped by the entrepreneurs' products

We have no interest in "me too" solutions or solutions that do not move the needle enough to change competitive economics in target markets.


Start-ups that meet our base criteria have a founding team that has:

  • Taken their product from concept to working prototype
  • Technical depth
  • Patentable intellectual property that differentiates the product
  • Understanding / experience in the target market
  • Total commitment and evident passion for their product

The companies we select:

  • Require an early-stage investment
  • Will operate from our Silicon Valley facility
  • Can break-even or achieve sustainability at less than $5,000,000 in revenue

Our facility provides full-service office space for the companies in which we invest and our staff provides back-office shared services that enable each team of entrepreneurs to focus on products and markets without unnecessary distractions.